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Congratulations! After many years of hard work during pharmacy school, you are just a few steps away from becoming a licensed pharmacist. Soon, you will join the ranks of dedicated pharmacists who make a difference in the health and safety of patients.


US Students Foreign Pharmacy Students
  • Boards of Pharmacy
    Review the licensure requirements of each state or jurisdiction before pursuing licensure. 
    Nationwide exam used by boards of pharmacy as one component of pharmacist licensure.
  • Score Transfer
    Transmit your NAPLEX score to multiple states.
  • Pre-NAPLEX
    A practice exam for pharmacists preparing to take the NAPLEX.
  • MPJE
    The MPJE is required by 48 boards of pharmacy and tests candidates on pharmacy law in their state.
  • Online Score Results
    NAPLEX and MPJE candidates testing for participating boards may view their score results online.
    Online registration for pharmacy internship licenses in North Dakota.
  • Boards of Pharmacy
    Contact the board of pharmacy in the state or jurisdiction where you wish to pursue licensure for information on specific licensure requirements.
  • FPGEC Certification
    The FPGEC Certification program is a nationally endorsed certification program for foreign educated pharmacists seeking to practice in the US.
    The FPGEE is an exam required for FPGEC Certification. 
  • Pre-FPGEE
    The Pre-FPGEE is a practice exam for foreign pharmacists preparing to take the FPGEE.
    Exam required as part of FPGEC Certification.