State Newsletters

Published on a quarterly basis, the State Newsletters provide pharmacists in 33 states with vital information about their state’s pharmacy laws and board of pharmacy regulations. The State Newsletter Program was created to promote compliance within the practice of pharmacy and is part of the NABP Foundation, which was created by NABP to support the Association’s educational programs and research and development projects.

Currently, 14 states produce and mail printed newsletters. The remaining 19 states produce newsletters that are available electronically.

Click on the states below to access newsletters from current and past participants.

Subscription Information

Participating state boards of pharmacy provide newsletters to their licensees free of charge. Please contact the board of pharmacy of the state(s) in which you are licensed if you are not receiving a newsletter.

An annual subscription to receive all 14 printed state newsletters can be purchased online for $100. There are no refunds on publications.

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