Connecting to PMP InterConnect

How does a state connect to the NABP PMP InterConnect?

Note: If a practitioner, pharmacist, or other PMP user wishes to obtain multistate PMP data, see FAQ No. 4. For state PMPs, there are two major steps necessary in order to connect to the NABP InterConnect.

1. Execute a single memorandum of understanding (MOU) with NABP.

  • States may obtain the MOU by emailing
  • NABP’s legal team is available to build any necessary state-specific language into the MOU. This includes state boilerplate contracts and other necessary addendums and attachments.
  • Further, NABP’s legal team is available to work directly with the appropriate state legal contacts at the relevant state agency, or with the Attorney General’s office.

2. Build an interface to connect to PMP InterConnect.

  • PMPs that utilize Appriss, Inc, or Health Information Designs for PMP software should contact their vendor to order the PMP InterConnect interface. Both vendors have the appropriate interface available for their customers.
  • PMPs that utilize a private vendor or a state IT department should provide the PMP InterConnect Application Programming Interface (API) to the relevant programmer/individual. Email for more information.
  • NABP and its technology solution provider, Appriss, Inc, are available to assist states in building the appropriate interface, and to provide ongoing technical support and training.