NABP is launching its redesigned website on September 29! Along with the new look and streamlined information, we are changing the site’s web address to the .pharmacy domain. Find out more here.  



The .Pharmacy Top-Level Domain Program provides a means for consumers around the globe to be sure the medications they buy online are safe. The number of rogue websites selling dangerous substances far outweighs the number of sites that are legally dispensing safe medications – .pharmacy helps easily separate the good ones from the bad.

The .pharmacy TLD is available to pharmacies and other entities offering prescription drugs or prescription drug-related products, services, or information via the Internet, subject to their completion of the registrant application and approval process to establish compliance with all applicable laws and .pharmacy program standards.

The application and approval process includes vetting by NABP prior to registration to ensure that they meet all applicable regulatory standards, including those addressing pharmacy licensure and valid prescription requirements. Eligible registrants will demonstrate good standing and compliance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which they are based, as well as in all jurisdictions in which they conduct business, including without limitation dispensing or shipping prescription medications in or to a jurisdiction. Read more about the program standards on the .pharmacy website. The .pharmacy application is available on the .pharmacy website.

A list of approved and registered .pharmacy sites is available on the .pharmacy website.

.Pharmacy and the Global Pharmacy Community

NABP is spearheading the .pharmacy initiative. To ensure the program operates in a manner consistent with international laws and standards, a global coalition of pharmacy community stakeholders provides guidance to the  .pharmacy TLD program. In addition, the program:

  • Establishes partnerships with regulators in each jurisdiction where the .pharmacy domain names are available,
  • Coordinates with the appropriate national regulatory bodies when reviewing .Pharmacy applications to ensure compliance with applicable laws, and
  • Maintains the highest program standards through participation in global forums to gather input from international pharmacy community stakeholders.

.Pharmacy Governance

The .Pharmacy TLD Program is overseen by two advisory committees and an executive board that operate under the principles outlined in the NABP .pharmacy governance document (PDF). The .Pharmacy Regulator Advisory Committee and the .Pharmacy Registrant/Supporter Advisory Committee both provide expertise and insight to the .Pharmacy Executive Board regarding matters of strategy and policy for the operation of the .pharmacy domain. The .Pharmacy Executive Board makes recommendations for review and approval by the NABP Executive Committee. Recommendations may concern strategy and national and international standards that are consistent with the mission and purpose of the .pharmacy TLD and the interests of the global public health.

Click below to read the committees' reports. All documents are PDFs.

.Pharmacy Executive Board

.Pharmacy Regulator Advisory Committee

.Pharmacy Registrant/Supporter Advisory Committee