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NABPLAW Online: The Source for State Pharmacy Laws and Regulations

NABPLAW Online is a great information source when you need to quickly access state pharmacy laws and regulations in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and all Canadian provinces and territories. NABPLAW has the tools you need to effectively access pharmacy laws and regulations and allows you to expertly search the database to find specific research information. Searching for such topics as pharmacy security requirements, patient counseling regulations, and the specific powers and duties of each state board has never been easier.

Who Benefits from NABPLAW Online?

State and National Pharmacy Associations and Boards of Pharmacy: Provides immediate access to current laws and regulations when advising members of the pharmacy profession.

Schools and Colleges of Pharmacy: Exposure to the laws and regulations of pharmacy is essential to the education of all pharmacy students.

NABPLAW is not a study tool for the NAPLEX or MPJE. The Pre-NAPLEX can help you prepare for the NAPLEX, and NABP recommends that you prepare for the MPJE by studying the laws and regulations of the state(s) from which you have applied for licensure.

Attorneys: NABPLAW Online provides authoritative and up-to-date pharmacy law information.

Health Care Marketing Research Companies: Before research is launched, knowledge of current legal restrictions and guidelines can prevent costly false starts and inefficient efforts.

Chain Drug Store Headquarters: When serving customers in different states, it is vital to know the variations in laws and regulations from state to state.

Pharmaceutical Companies: Individual state laws may affect the marketing of new products or require changes in the sales approach of existing products. 

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Subscription Information

A variety of short-term and long-term licenses are available for purchase online. Non-member fees are shown below. NABP member boards of pharmacy receive a special discounted subscription fee of $295 for an annual license with unlimited users. Boards of pharmacy, please contact or call Customer Service at 847/391-4406 to receive the special discounted rate.

Order a Subscription to NABPLAW

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Annual License Fees:

  • Single-site license: $995, First Year; $845, Annual Renewal
  • 2-5 users: $2,000
  • 6-10 users: $3,000
  • 11-15 users: $4,000
  • Unlimited Corporate(16+ Users) $5,000

Fees for Short-term Research Needs:

  • 1-day subscription: $45
  • 1-week subscription: $155
  • 1-month subscription: $345