NABP Clearinghouse

The NABP Clearinghouse is a national database of educational, competence, licensure, and disciplinary information on pharmacists practicing in NABP’s member states and jurisdictions. The Constitution and Bylaws mandates participation in the Clearinghouse as part of a board of pharmacy’s membership to NABP.

The NABP Clearinghouse is a vital component of the licensure transfer process – timely reporting by the boards of pharmacy is essential to maintaining the integrity of the licensure transfer program. Information housed in the Clearinghouse is used in determining the acceptability and qualifications of pharmacists who request the transfer of examination scores and licenses into other states or jurisdictions.

The Clearinghouse also houses information reported by the member boards of pharmacy on actions taken against wholesale distributors, pharmacies, pharmacy owners, and pharmacy technicians and interns. This information is used during NABP’s accreditation processes to screen applicants to NABP’s VAWD, VIPPS, and DMEPOS programs.

In accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws, member boards of pharmacy furnish reports to the NABP Clearinghouse on actions taken in their state. For more details on the data required for the NABP Clearinghouse, see the data submission requirements. Or, for information on getting started, contact Customer Service.

Providing Resources for Professional Accountability

Each month, NABP supplies reports to the boards of pharmacy on information contained in the Clearinghouse. These reports include a recap of the information the board has submitted to the Clearinghouse. Also, if a licensee is licensed in multiple states, each board where the individual is licensed will receive information about actions taken by any of those boards.

As a safety net, these reports allow boards to screen for licensees who have failed to uphold professional and public safety standards and make informed decisions regarding who qualifies to practice pharmacy in their respective states. With many board of pharmacy licensees holding licenses in multiple states, this information is vital to determining whether a current or prospective licensee is eligible to practice pharmacy or operate a licensed facility.

NABP: A Board of Pharmacy’s HIPDB Reporting Agent

Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (HIPDB) is a national data collection program. Federal and state licensing and certification agencies, including boards of pharmacy, must report final adverse actions taken against health care practitioners, providers, or suppliers to HIPDB. NABP can help meet the burden of these reporting obligations by serving as the board’s reporting agent.