Authorizing NABP as the Reporting Agent

If your board of pharmacy is ready to designate NABP as its NPDB reporting agent, follow the steps below to complete the process.

Step 1

Complete the Letter of Agreement (PDF) and return it to NABP. 

Step 2

Register with NPDB by completing NPDB’s entity registration form. NPDB will process the form, assign a unique data bank identification number, and send the board an entity registration verification document, which contains your board’s confidential data bank ID and password. You will need the ID and password for step 3.

Step 3

Boards must also complete NPDB’s agent registration form. This form is used to designate NABP as your board’s authorized agent. (NABP’s data bank ID is 1955. Use “National Association of Boards of Pharmacy” as the agent name.) You will also include your board’s data bank ID number on the form, sign the form, and return the original to NABP; NABP will complete the last page and forward the form to NPDB.

Step 4

After NABP receives the signed letter of agreement and the agent registration form, the process can begin.

The Board may choose whether to send to NPDB the Clearinghouse data that it enters using NABP’s Board e-Profile Connect. Training for the Board e-Profile Connect program can be provided to board of pharmacy staff.