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PILAR is a pilot program that currently only supports pharmacist internship license and registration for internships based in North Dakota.

NABP developed the Pharmacist Intern License and Registration (PILAR) program to support the boards of pharmacy by providing a uniform registration database and online application process that streamlines internship licensure for both boards of pharmacies and pharmacy students.

Registering for a Pharmacist Intern License/Registration

Log in to Your e-Profile to Register

The PILAR program currently facilitates internship registration for the North Dakota State Board of Pharmacy.

After completing your registration, the information and professional history you provide will be sent to the applicable state board of pharmacy. Each board of pharmacy has a set of requirements that a prospective pharmacist intern must meet before a license/registration is issued.

After a decision is made, NABP will contact you via e-mail, and if your pharmacist intern license/registration is granted, provide instructions to view and print your Internship License/Registration.


The $110 cost includes a processing fee that supports implementation of the PILAR program.

American Express, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted.

License/Registration Approval

The board of pharmacy determines whether or not your license/registration has been approved. If the board has denied your license/registration, you will be contacted via e-mail with information regarding your refund. Questions regarding denial of a license or registration should be directed to the applicable board of pharmacy.

License Renewal

The North Dakota Pharmacist Intern License expires after one year but can be renewed. Intern license renewal may be completed by logging in to your e-Profile and clicking on the Renew button in the PILAR section. The same approval processes apply for renewal as for first-time registration. The renewal fee is $110.

License/Registration Search

General license and registration information for pharmacy interns in North Dakota is available through a searchable database. The tool reports the license issue date, expiration date, and status, and also indicates whether there have been any disciplinary actions against the licensee. 

Search for Interns.

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