Licensure Transfer

Moving? Starting a new position that requires licensure in multiple states? NABP’s Electronic Licensure Transfer Program® enables licensed pharmacists to easily transfer their existing pharmacist license from one state or jurisdiction to another. Pharmacists who move out of state or practice pharmacy across state lines will find that NABP’s licensure transfer program is a convenient way to achieve licensure in a new state or multiple states.

When a pharmacist applies for licensure transfer, NABP screens his or her Preliminary Application to prepare the Official Application the pharmacist will submit to the board of pharmacy. When applying to NABP, the pharmacist’s license undergoes a background check and is screened through the NABP Clearinghouse, a national repository of pharmacist information supplied by the state boards of pharmacy to help facilitate licensure transfer.

Each state board of pharmacy has a set of requirements that a prospective pharmacist must meet before a license to practice pharmacy is issued. Before submitting a Preliminary Application for licensure transfer, review the state's (or states’) requirements for licensure transfer – some states require an appearance before the board, criminal background checks, a state transfer application, or a state law examination like the MPJE® (Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination®). A license that is eligible for licensure transfer must be active, unrestricted, and in good standing.

Steps to Licensure Transfer

Simply stated, NABP compiles and verifies the information you provided into an official application and sends it back to you. Once you receive the Official Application you send it to the board of pharmacy, and the board issues the license if you meet their requirements. Please allow sufficient time to complete the entire process – the time can vary depending on the applicant and the board of pharmacy. The basic steps are as follows:

  • Submit Preliminary Application to NABP
  • NABP processes Preliminary Application
    NABP’s review of the Preliminary Application addresses the pharmacist’s licensure information and professional history, as well as, among other things, his or her education, practical experience, and examination record.
  • Submit Official Application to board of pharmacy
    Once the Preliminary Application is successfully processed, NABP will mail the pharmacist an Official Application. The pharmacist must submit the Official Application to the applicable board within 90 days.
  • Pass the MPJE or applicable state law examination
    Check with the board of pharmacy to determine what law examination is required. If the MPJE is a requirement, you can register for the exam at any point in the licensure transfer process.
    • License Transfer to Colorado and/or Utah: To become eligible to sit for the Colorado and/or Utah MPJE, candidates must complete and submit a NAPLEX/MPJE Eligibility Request form to NABP. There is an $85 processing fee.
    • Candidates should not complete the e-LTP application until after taking the MPJE.
  • Issuance of license
    State boards of pharmacy issue pharmacist licenses.