Testing Accommodations

All requests for testing accommodations for qualified individuals will be evaluated by the appropriate board of pharmacy. Requests will be forwarded to NABP for review. The board of pharmacy and candidate may be contacted if more information is required to support the testing accommodation request.

NABP and the boards of pharmacy may share information that a candidate provides including but not limited to the request, history, and nature of the accommodations. Testing accommodation requests for candidates with disabilities will be reviewed and subsequently determined and authorized by NABP.  Upon approval, NABP will notify the candidate and board of pharmacy and will arrange the appropriate exam accommodation with the testing vendor.

Each time a candidate registers for an examination, a request for ADA accommodations must be selected in the online registration. In addition, the candidate must also notify the applicable board of pharmacy of the request. 

See the NAPLEX/MPJE Registration Bulletin for complete information and the accommodation request form.