Schedule Your Exam

Before you can schedule your examination with Pearson VUE, you must first register with NABP and meet the eligibility requirements of the board of pharmacy from which you are seeking licensure. Once the board (or boards) determines your eligibility to take the examination and NABP is notified, Pearson VUE will issue an Authorization to Test (ATT). The ATT includes the dates during which you are eligible to take the examination as well as an authorization number. You may use that ATT to schedule your examination with Pearson VUE.

If you complete the above steps but do not take the exam by April 10, 2016, your registration will be canceled and your fee will be refunded. You will then need to go through the registration and scheduling process again. See “Upcoming Changes to the MPJE” for more information.

If you have questions concerning eligibility requirements, NABP recommends that you contact the board of pharmacy.

Schedule Your Exam with Pearson VUE