Redesigned NABP Website to Launch This Week

NABP is pleased to announce that the Association will be launching a redesigned website, featuring improved navigation and a cleaner look and feel, on September 29. With visual cues and concise content, the newly designed site will make it easier for users to quickly locate pertinent information. At the time of the launch, NABP will begin using the .pharmacy domain for its website and emails.

The NABP website address will change to and all of NABP’s emails will end in All forms and documents on the new website will be updated with the new email addresses; however, emails sent to the .net email extension will be forwarded for at least six months to ensure that there is no lapse in communication between NABP and its members, customers, or other key stakeholders.


FPGEE Score Results

Scores from the April 1, 2016 FPGEE are now available.

Log in to check your FPGEE score.

Be prepared to log in with your EE number and your date of birth to access your score on NABP’s secure website. 

Passing Scores

A passing score of 75 or higher will be noted on your FPGEC Certification application. If you have met all certification requirements, FPGEC Certification may be awarded. See the FPGEC Application Bulletin for further details on FPGEC Certification requirements.

Failing Scores

If you did not pass the FPGEE and wish to retake the test, you must complete a new FPGEC application and submit two recent, identical photographs of passport size and quality, and pay the appropriate fees as indicated in the FPGEC Application Bulletin. Once the FPGEC receives your application, it will reevaluate your previously submitted documentation and application before granting eligibility to retake the FPGEE. In rare cases, a person who was initially granted eligibility to take the FPGEE may not be deemed eligible for the retake exam. In this case, your file will be closed, and you will not be granted FPGEC Certification.