PARE Registration

PARE registration consists of two parts. The first part requires a board of pharmacy to pre-register an individual. The second part requires the examinee to register for the exam.

Board Pre-Registration of an Individual for the PARE

To pre-register an individual for the PARE, boards of pharmacy may use the NABP Clearinghouse or they may contact the NABP Competency Assessment Department.

When using the NABP Clearinghouse, board members may use the Individuals tab in the Board Portal to submit the registration. In the area for entering disciplinary information, a drop-down menu is provided to indicate whether the PARE is required for the individual. Selecting “Yes” will make the individual eligible to register for the exam.

Boards may also contact NABP at to pre-register a candidate for the PARE.

NABP will contact the board to learn whether the examinee will use a personal computer or if the board will supply one so that the link for exam security software can be provided to the appropriate person. After this information is provided, the board may direct the individual to contact NABP Customer Service to complete registration for the PARE.

Examinee Registration for the PARE

You will not be able to register until your board notifies NABP. After NABP is notified and documents your information, the board will direct you to contact the NABP Customer Service department to verify the information that has been received. 

When contacting NABP to register for the PARE, please have the following information available:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. Date of birth
  5. Social Security number
  6. E-mail address
  7. Corresponding board of pharmacy
  8. Credit card information

After registration, read the PARE Examinee Handbook for test-day procedures and instructions for downloading the WebLock browser.


To schedule a testing session for the PARE after you have registered with NABP, contact the board of pharmacy for instructions on the date, time, and location of your examination.

Exam Cost

The fee for the PARE is $250 payable to NABP. MasterCard, Visa, and American Express are accepted means of payment. Payment confirmation will be e-mailed from NABP.