The Pharmacist Assessment for Remediation Evaluation (PARE) is a multi-dimensional assessment that the boards of pharmacy may use as an auxiliary tool when making decisions regarding pharmacist practice deficiencies that are due to noncompliance with pharmacy practice standards, laws or regulations, and result in compromises to patient safety.

Format of the Assessment

The PARE is a computer-based assessment that consists of 210 multiple choice questions. Examinees have a maximum of 4.5 hours to complete the exam. The questions will be drawn from three content domains:

  • Medication Safety and the Practice of Pharmacy (Area 1 - 50% of questions)
  • Professional Ethics/Pharmacist Judgment (Area 2 - 25% of questions)
  • Clinical Pharmacy Practice (Area 3 - 25% of questions)

For a more detailed description of content, you can refer to a list of the PARE Content Areas.

Score Information

To pass the PARE, you must achieve 75% in each of the three content areas. Scores are calculated as percentage correct and are reported out to examinees in each of the three content areas.

Computerized Testing

The PARE is a Web-based examination administered via computer. The board of pharmacy will decide whether to allow the examinee to use his or her own laptop for testing or supply a laptop/desk-top.

For security purposes, NABP uses a special WebLock browser that prevents access to applications other than the PARE. If the board allows examinees to use their own laptop to take the PARE, NABP will provide a link to the lockdown browser prior to the exam date. Instructions regarding installation and troubleshooting potential technical issues will also be provided.

The WebLock browser should be installed at least one day prior to the assessment day. Downloading the browser ahead of time will not impair the performance of any applications on the computer.

Required Forms

The PARE Examinee Handbook contains details about the processes and procedures on the test day as well as the Authorization/Release and Confidentiality Agreement. Examinees may review the agreement prior to testing and will be asked to agree to it electronically on the test day.

Testing Dates

The PARE will be administered in a two-week testing window approximately four times per calendar year. The testing dates are as follows: 


  • February 9-20, 2016
  • June 7-18, 2016
  • September 13-24, 2016
  • November 29- December 10, 2016

Exam Cost

The fee for the PARE is $250. Examinees submit payments are provided to NABP during the registration process. American Express, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted.