Report a Site

Report a Suspicious Internet Pharmacy Site
The following form is provided for your convenience to report a suspicious pharmacy related Internet activity. NABP is not a regulatory body. Only individual state boards of pharmacy and state boards of medicine have authority to discipline or revoke a license. Some federal agencies also regulate some of these activities. Jurisdictions are designed to not overlap.

On a best effort basis, NABP acts as a conduit to pass on reports from this site to the appropriate regulatory body. Those organizations decide if and how to proceed to investigate the report. It is very helpful if you can identify the state where you reside and whether you or someone you know was harmed in some way by the action of the site. Reporting your name and contact information is also very helpful, but optional.

If you prefer to report directly to a particular agency, NABP provides listings to state boards and federal agencies.
You can also report your complaint to the FDA through their MedWatch program.