Achieving Accreditation

After the wholesale distributor’s application, supplemental documentation, policies and procedures, and licensure have been reviewed and deemed satisfactory and a survey has been performed, the wholesale distributor will receive a report on the evaluation and survey. If the evaluation and survey are satisfactory, the report will include a VAWD letter of agreement, which is a contract between NABP and the wholesale distributor and must be signed by an authorized representative of the facility.

The timeline of the VAWD accreditation process varies from applicant to applicant and usually takes several months for all documents and survey results to be compiled and reviewed.  

Maintaining Accreditation

VAWD accreditation is renewable annually following an update provided by the facility and re-verification of licensure information status. As part of maintaining VAWD accreditation, a survey is performed once every three years. See the Fees section for information on the annual participation fee.  

Denial or Withdrawal of VAWD Accreditation

The VAWD accreditation team here to help you through the accreditation process. If a wholesale distributor is denied accreditation or VAWD accreditation is withdrawn, the wholesale distributor can appeal that decision. See the VAWD Appeals Procedure (PDF) for more information.