Accreditation Process


Application Submission

Before submitting an application for VAWD accreditation, please review the VAWD criteria. Successful applicants provide documentation addressing VAWD criteria, including information on:

  • Licensure
  • Facility
  • Personnel
  • Record keeping
  • Authentication and verification
  • Returned, damaged, and outdated drugs
  • Policies and procedures

The application instructions can help you work your way through the online application.

Application Review

After NABP receives the application, fees, and all supplemental documentation, NABP will:

  • Evaluate the submitted supplemental documents for compliance with the VAWD criteria
  • Notify the applicant if discrepancies arise or clarification is needed
  • Verify that all state wholesale distributor licenses are in good standing
  • Verify that designated representative licenses are in good standing

Documentation to Support the Application

When applying for VAWD accreditation, applicants must submit:

  1. Supplemental documentation to aid in NABP’s understanding of the applicant’s business
  2. A completed Policies & Procedures Assessment (P&P Assessment) along with copies of all P&Ps to facilitate determination of the applicant’s compliance with VAWD criteria.

When received, NABP will conduct a thorough review of all provided documentation and provide an opportunity to the applicant to address any deficiencies found.

Review of Personnel

NABP screens the facilities and staff of the wholesale distributor through its Clearinghouse to check for disciplinary actions levied against the distributor or the pharmacist-in-charge.

The NABP Clearinghouse is a national database of educational, competence, licensure, and disciplinary information on pharmacists practicing in NABP’s active member board states and jurisdictions.


After the documentation is evaluated and preliminarily determined to be satisfactory, an on-site survey of the wholesale distributor facility is scheduled to evaluate the operations and policies and to interview staff to determine compliance with the VAWD criteria.

NABP will send the wholesale distributor a Survey Process Guide, which includes information on what to expect during the survey.

As part of maintaining VAWD accreditation, a survey is also performed once every three years.

State-Specific Requirements

See the boards of pharmacy listing for state agencies responsible for licensing wholesale distributors.