Accreditation Process


Application Submission

Before submitting an application for VAWD accreditation, please review the VAWD criteria. Successful applicants provide documentation addressing VAWD criteria, including information on:

  • Licensure
  • Facility
  • Personnel
  • Record keeping
  • Authentication and verification
  • Returned, damaged, and outdated drugs
  • Policies and procedures

The application instructions can help you work your way through the online application.

Application Review

After NABP receives the application, fees, and all supplemental documentation, NABP will:

  • Verify that all state wholesale distributor licenses are in good standing
  • Verify that designated representative licenses are in good standing
  • Evaluate the submitted supplemental documents for compliance with the VAWD criteria
  • Ensure that applicable criminal and financial background checks are performed
  • Notify the applicant if discrepancies arise or clarification is needed

Supplemental Documentation

Wholesale distributors seeking accreditation will need to provide supplemental documentation that addresses the VAWD criteria. The application instructions include a list of required supplemental documents. All documents should be submitted electronically to NABP.

Policies and Procedures

Upon submitting the application, fees, and supplemental documents, NABP will provide the Policies & Procedures Guidance Checklist, which identifies documentation needed when applying to and maintaining VAWD accreditation. It should be used to prepare your facility’s policies and procedures.

After receiving the Policies & Procedures Guidance Checklist, new applicants will have 90 days to prepare and submit policies and procedures to NABP for evaluation and confirmation of compliance with VAWD criteria. NABP will conduct a thorough review of your policies and procedures against the VAWD criteria and provide an opportunity to address any deficiencies found through the review.

The application instructions include further important details on submitting supplemental documentations necessary to complete your accreditation process. 

Review of Personnel

As part of the VAWD accreditation process, NABP initiates background checks on some key individuals employed by the wholesale distributor. These individuals include:

  • Designated representative or the most senior person responsible for facility operations, purchasing, and inventory control
  • Supervisor of designated representative or most senior person referenced above
  • Principals and owners who directly or indirectly own greater than 10% interest in the company, if the company is not publicly held

NABP’s vendor, Kroll Background America, performs background checks on personnel. Records and data that will be checked include:

  • Criminal records, including felony and misdemeanor convictions
  • Credit history
  • Bankruptcy information
  • Current and previous employment (only applicable to the designated representative)

Background Checks

A few states require additional state-specific forms and/or information to be completed and submitted in order to perform criminal background checks. VAWD staff will notify the individual applicants if such forms and/or information need to be submitted.
Please refer to the Summary of Consumer Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) for more information about your rights under the federal FCRA, as well as instructions in the event that you have an inquiry regarding the accuracy or completeness of information (PDF) contained in the consumer background investigation report.

To initiate the background check, print a copy of the Notice, Authorization, and Release for the Procurement of a Consumer and/or Investigative Consumer Report form (PDF) for each person whose background must be checked.

  • All sections of the authorization and release form must be completed; however, only designated representatives must complete the employer sections. The form must be reviewed, signed, and dated by the individual whose background is being checked.
  • The background check costs $175 for each person whose background must be checked. This fee should be paid during the online application process. See the Fees section for more information.

NABP Clearinghouse

NABP also screens the facilities and staff of the wholesale distributor through its Clearinghouse to check for disciplinary actions levied against the distributor or the pharmacist-in-charge.

The NABP Clearinghouse is a national database of educational, competence, licensure, and disciplinary information on pharmacists practicing in NABP’s active member board states and jurisdictions.


After the documentation is evaluated and preliminarily determined to be satisfactory, an on-site survey of the wholesale distributor facility is scheduled to evaluate the operations and policies and to interview staff to determine compliance with the VAWD criteria.

NABP will send the wholesale distributor a Survey Process Guide, which includes information on what to expect during the survey.

As part of maintaining VAWD accreditation, a survey is also performed once every three years.

State-Specific Requirements

See Contact Information for Licensure Verification (PDF) for a listing of state agencies responsible for licensing wholesale distributors.

Wholesale distributors that hold licenses in Indiana and North Dakota are required to submit a photograph of the designated representative. For details on requirements see the photograph submission form (PDF).

Wholesale distributors that hold licenses in Indiana should review further state-specific requirements (PDF) to determine if their facility is exempt from the VAWD accreditation requirement.