Fees are assessed based on the types of services offered and are payable online during the application process. NABP reserves the right to adjust category based upon a screening of the application submitted and review of the entity’s website. 


  • Independent Community-based Pharmacy (Schedule A)
  • Chain Drugstore, Mass Retailer‚ HMO Pharmacy, PBM Pharmacy (Schedule B)
  • Independent Pharmacy (Schedule C)

NABP e-Advertiser Approval Program

  • Pharmacy Providing Limited Services (Schedule D)
  • Drug Information Site (Schedule E)
  • Pharmacy Information Site (Schedule F)
  • Physician’s Office (Schedule G)

Additional Fees

An applicant for e-Advertiser Approval or an e-Advertiser-approved entity seeking to include additional domains in its accreditation must submit an additional fee of $750 per domain with the application or upon notification to NABP of the applicant’s desire to add the domains. Once the additional domains are confirmed to be in compliance with the e-Advertiser Approval standards, the domains will be added to the approval. The $750 per domain fee will be included in all re-approval application fees in the future for as long as the additional domains are included in the e-Advertiser Approval. This $750 fee may also be applied to new or existing applicants who have made alterations to their domains that NABP determines are significant enough that confirmation of compliance with e-Advertiser Approval standards is required.