Application Instructions

Please note that applications for accreditation that are not submitted and paid within 60 days are considered inactive and will be permanently removed.


Working Your Way through the Online Application

Contact NABP at for further guidance with the e-Advertiser application. This section provides guidance and additional information on fields that applicants must respond to in the e-Advertiser application.

Business Information Section

Business Name is the name that will appear on the e-Advertiser Approval information page on NABP’s Web site. 

Business Address must be the physical address of the business (organization). If DBA is provided, you must include the address of the DBA here. PO Box is not acceptable.

Doing Business As (dba) is only required if it is different from the business name. This will also appear on the listing of e-Advertiser Approved facilities that NABP maintains.

Primary Web Site URL must be the Internet address for the business’s home page. Only one URL (Web address) should be listed. The primary URL will be allowed to display the Seal upon being awarded e-Advertiser Approval. The Web site must be live and operational. Applicants with an inactive Web site are not eligible for e-Advertiser Approval.

Business and Web Site Contact Section

Only full and part-time employees of the applicant facility can be listed on the application or serve as the business and Web site contact person. This will include initiating phone and/or e-mail inquiries. A contract or consultant employee cannot serve as the contact person.

Contact person must:

  • Understand the business model and its operation;
  • Be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the application form; and
  • Provide timely responses to requests for information, including responses to NABP and revisions to the applicant Web site.

Note: If you select “not a pharmacy” on the application, the pharmacy and pharmacist-in-charge sections will be skipped and you will be brought to the next applicable section (Ownership Information).

Pharmacy Information Section (if applicable)

Pharmacy Name and Address is the name and physical location of the pharmacy.

Additional Dispensing Pharmacies. If the corporate entity has more than one pharmacy location, submit a list of the dispensing pharmacies in an Excel (.xls) file that includes the following information:

  • Name of the dispensing pharmacy
  • Complete address
  • All previous and current state and controlled substance licenses
  • Type of license (ie: Pharmacy, Mail Order, Controlled Substance, DEA, DME provider, etc)
  • License number
  • Issue date
  • Expiration date

Download the current list of pharmacy location template (.xls). This Excel file can be used as a template when creating your own list.

Pharmacist-in-Charge (PIC) is the registered pharmacist that oversees the day-to-day operations of the pharmacy. In most pharmacies the PIC is the pharmacy manager. There must be one PIC for each pharmacy location.

PIC State License(s) is/are the state(s) in which the PIC holds a PIC license. Applicant must include all current and expired licenses. If applicant has more than one pharmacy, submit a list of PICs for each pharmacy location in an Excel file (download a template below) that includes the following information:

  • PIC name
  • Pharmacy name and address
  • License number
  • Issue date
  • Expiration date

Download the current list of pharmacists template (.xls). This Excel file can be used as a template when creating your own list.

Toll-free phone number for public to report medical and pharmaceutical problems must be toll-free and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week allowing appropriate response time for a pharmacist or primary care practitioner to intervene in case of a serious drug reaction.

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Ownership Information Section

Ownership applies to sole proprietors, partnerships, and corporations.

Name of Corporate (Parent) Entity applies to any for-profit or not-for-profit legal entity that owns or contracts for the pharmacy services. It is the ultimate controlling or parent company.

Corporate Address must be the physical address of the corporate entity. A PO Box is not acceptable.

Major Investors must include all individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and corporate owners who directly own greater than 10% equity position in the ownership or controlling interest of the organization and/or greater than 10% voting interest in the organization.

Services/Products Section

Services/Products Provided are the services and products provided or advertised through the Web site. Any services and products you provide that is not listed on the application should be listed in the “other” box.

Disciplinary Information Section. Applicants must truthfully answer the questions on this page. Failure to disclose any previous and current disciplines may result in the denial of your application.

Licensure Maintenance Section

List the state(s) in which the business is licensed or registered. If none in the drop down list applies to your business, include the license type in the license number box (for example: DME provider – “DME 3454”). Click “Add New Line” if more than one license.

List the state(s) in which the individual/person is licensed or registered (ie, physician, veterinarian, practitioner, registered nurse, etc). If none in the drop down list applies to the individual/person, include the license type in the license number box (for example: “Aesthetician – 12345”). Click “Add New Line” if more than one license.

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Supplemental Documentation

NABP recommends that supplemental documentation be submitted by using the “upload files” page during the online application process. Doing so expedites the process. See the list of required supplemental documentation below.

Upload Documentation

Ensure all applicable supplemental documentation listed below is submitted:

  1. Copies of actual board or agency Disciplinary Orders
  2. List of additional Web sites/URLs
  3. List of additional pharmacies and PICs (complete the list of pharmacy and pharmacists template)
  4. Copy of pharmacy’s Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) certificate of registration (only if pharmacy handles controlled substances)
  5. Proof of modified DEA registration required under the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act

Additional Notes on Submitting Documents to NABP

All documents should be gathered and submitted at one time rather than individually, whether or not submitted online or via e-mail.

Online Submission

To expedite the application process, supplemental documents should be uploaded electronically as individual files during the online application process.

When uploading documents, please select the appropriate title of the document from the drop-down menu.

E-mail and Mail Submission

Alternatively, the documents may be submitted by one of the following methods:

  1. E-mailing the documents (as attachments) to In the e-mail, please mention that the attached documents are for a new application and include the facility name, city, and state.
  2. Mailing a CD of the documents along with a copy of the receipt page (issued following completion of the online application) via a land carrier to:

ATTN: e-Advertiser Approval
National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
1600 Feehanville Drive
Mount Prospect, IL  60056

3.   When e-mailing or sending the documents via CD, please include appropriate identifying information about the pharmacy and name the documents according to the example below:

Example: For Supplemental Document #1, “Disciplinary Order”

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Application fee must be paid by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or American Express) at time of application submission. If a credit card is not available, a prepaid debit/credit card, available for purchase from any banking institution, may be used to pay the e-Advertiser Approval fees.

Canceled or withdrawn applications are subject to administrative fees.

Refer to the Fees page for more information


Please note that NABP reserves the right to share information with its member boards of pharmacy or appropriate regulatory or law enforcement authorities or search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft’s concerning the status of applicant’s e-Advertiser Approval application and/or any denial of e-Advertiser Approval.

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