e-Advertiser Approval Program

e-advertiser.jpgThe NABP e-Advertiser Approval Program is for Internet advertisers that offer only limited pharmacy services or other prescription drug-related services online. NABP reviews all entities seeking to advertise prescription drug-related services through the search engines’ advertising programs, upon receipt of the advertisers’ completed application for NABP approval. Based on the service the advertised entity provides, NABP will determine whether accreditation through VIPPS or approval through the NABP e-Advertiser Approval Program is required. The review process and fee is dependent upon the level of service the pharmacies offer.

Entities that are approved by the e-Advertiser Approval Program qualify to advertise on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, as they meet the policies implemented by these search engines in 2010.

e-Advertiser and the .Pharmacy TLD Program

e-Advertiser-approved pharmacies are eligible for a waived application fee for the .pharmacy Top-Level Domain program. This means that e-Advertiser-approved entities have the option to register and use a .pharmacy TLD for any of their websites that have been approved through the e-Advertiser-approval process. e-Advertiser-approved entities  will only need to pay domain name registration fees to an approved registrar. e-Advertiser-approved entities registering a .pharmacy TLD will have their site listed on the approved sites page at safe.pharmacy.  

Online retailers of prescription drugs who seek e-Advertiser approval know that they will benefit from NABP’s recognized credibility and the e-Advertiser program and Seal. The e-Advertiser Seal demonstrates public accountability – it is also a symbol of a pharmacy’s commitment to its patients’ health and safety.