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Medication Error Reduction and Continuous Quality Improvement Programs (Resolution No. 100-8-04)

Topics: Resolutions

Resolution No. 100-8-04
Title: Medication Error Reduction and Continuous Quality Improvement Programs
Action: Passed

Whereas, medication errors resulting in patient harm or death continue to occur and at times involve the misidentification of medications; and

Whereas, the collection and analysis of medication errors and quality-related events is critical to the safe practice of pharmacy; and

Whereas, quality-related event and medication error reports need to be protected from discovery in civil proceedings in order to obtain access to these critical data for system evaluation and quality improvement;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that NABP encourage the passage of legislation that provides for the collection and analysis of patient and medication data concerning medication errors and quality improvement, with appropriate protection from discovery in civil proceedings; and

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that NABP encourage and facilitate the implementation of system-based, continuous quality improvement programs and “best practices” for pharmacies.

(Resolution passed at NABP’s 100th Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL)