2012 National Drug Control Strategy Includes Continued Focus on Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse

Topics: Federal regulations, Prescription drug abuse, and Addiction recovery

The White House 2012 National Drug Control Strategy continues the administration’s focus on substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery, including the prevention of prescription drug abuse. As noted in the White House executive summary, the strategy includes continued efforts to address the prescription drug abuse problem designated as an epidemic by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Further, the strategy indicates that the “Administration has established a bold five-year goal – a 15 percent reduction in non-medical use of prescription-type psychotherapeutic drugs in the past year among people 12 years of age and older.” In addition, the 2012 strategy provides a review of the progress made over the past three years, and presents the administration’s “continuing efforts to reform, rebalance, and renew our national drug control policy to address the public health and safety challenges of the 21st century.” Additional information and links to related resources are available on the 2012 National Drug Control Strategy page of the White House Web site.