The NABP member boards and jurisdictions are committed to developing, implementing, and enforcing uniform standards to protect the public health.


About the Boards of Pharmacy

Through the work of the boards of pharmacy, the NABP members protect the public health by promoting the highest standards of pharmacy practice. This pledge to uphold health and safety regulations is the basis for all board pursuits, and NABP, through its programs and services, aims to support the boards in keeping that promise to the public.

NABP membership is composed of 54 active members and 12 associate members

NABP supports its member boards of pharmacy by offering:

  • Examinations that assess pharmacists’ competency to practice pharmacy, providing boards a uniform, high-quality solution to test pharmacists' competency
  • License transfer program that alleviates the administrative burden on boards by verifying applications for license transfer
  • Accreditation programs that create uniform standards and perform inspections to supplement board staff and finances 
  • Many other services that support the boards by providing pertinent resources to assist the boards of pharmacy as they work to protect the public health each day

Member Services

Multistate Pharmacy Inspection Blueprint
Developed by NABP’s member boards of pharmacy at the request of the states, the Multistate Pharmacy Inspection Blueprint provides a minimum set of agreed upon areas and items that the boards believe should be addressed at the time of inspection. The blueprint was developed at the request of the member boards of pharmacy with the aim to build consistency in inspections from state to state. Training and educational resources to help states implement the blueprint are available.

National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB): Fulfill board obligations to combat fraud and abuse in health insurance and health care delivery by authorizing NABP to serve as your board’s reporting agent.

NABP Clearinghouse
The NABP Clearinghouse is a national database of educational, competence, licensure, and disciplinary information on pharmacists practicing in NABP's member states and jurisdictions. The Constitution and Bylaws mandates participation in the Clearinghouse as part of a board of pharmacy's membership to NABP.

State Newsletter Program
Published on a quarterly basis, the state newsletters provide pharmacists in 34 states with vital information about their state's pharmacy laws and board of pharmacy regulations.

Buying Medicine Online
A great resource for consumers in any state, Buying Medicine Online can help boards direct patients to resources on safely purchasing medication over the Internet.

Members – Get Involved

As board of pharmacy members, your input is essential to addressing the many issues facing the boards of pharmacy and the practice today. Participation in these activities is a rewarding way to assist NABP and the boards of pharmacy in our mission to protect the public health. Consider volunteering to serve on a committee or task force:

  • Standing committees, which are held every year, include:
    • Committee on Constitution and Bylaws
    • Committee on Law Enforcement/Legislation
    • Resolutions Committee
    • Advisory Committee on Examinations
  • Single-issue task forces are developed new each year and often address topics from resolutions approved at the Annual Meeting.
  • Examination committees write and review test questions to ensure the integrity and validity of the examinations.

For information on applying to serve on a committee or task force contact

Member Tools

Model Pharmacy Act/Rules
The Model State Pharmacy Act and Model Rules of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (Model Act) provides the boards of pharmacy with model language that may be used when developing state laws or board rules. The Model Act is updated every August.

Board Member Manual
The NABP State Boards of Pharmacy Member Manual is intended as a guide to support new board members as they transition into their roles. In addition, the Member Manual serves to introduce them to NABP and NABP programs and services.

Resolutions are presented and voted upon each year at the NABP Annual Meeting. These resolutions formally state the membership’s stance on important issues in pharmacy practice or regulation and often prompt the Association to take further action.

Officer Reports
Each year during the NABP Annual Meeting, the officers of the Executive Committee report on the progress of the Association during the year of their term and future initiatives of NABP. 

Position Papers​
​NABP's position papers establish the Association's views on issues of special importance and interest to the NABP membership. These position papers can serve as a resource for Association members.