Government Affairs

NABP serves as a resource to state boards of pharmacy as they maintain and develop rules and regulations that protect public health.

NABP: A Resource for the Regulation of Pharmacy Practice

NABP provides support to the state boards of pharmacy as they seek to maintain and develop rules and regulations that protect public health. In addition to working with the boards to meet the unique needs of their state, NABP provides boards with a national view of pharmacy regulation.

On an individual basis, NABP offers its member boards of pharmacy many services including testifying before state legislators, drafting amicus briefings, and providing a comprehensive Model Act and accompanying Model Rules. NABP is also available to support the state boards of pharmacy as they interface with their legislatures.

Current Issues in Pharmacy Regulation

NABP’s initiatives are based on the input of its member boards of pharmacy. Each year, NABP members come together to vote on resolutions that ultimately guide the direction of the Association. Recent resolutions addressed the topics of:

  • Sterile compounding standards and inspections of pharmacies engaged in sterile compounding 
  • Revising “five percent” prescription drug transfer rules 
  • Pharmacy benefit manager regulations in the states
  • Patient access to mandatory patient medication information through electronic means
  • Establishing mutually agreeable definitions for “pharmacy compounding” and “pharmaceutical manufacturing”
  • The impact on patient safety of the compounding and reconstitution of sterile products for infusion in establishments other than pharmacies and without pharmacists’ oversight
  • The regulation, restriction, or prohibition of the use in pharmacies of performance metrics or quotas that are proven to cause distractions and unsafe pharmacy environments

As directed through the resolutions and approved by the NABP president, the Association convenes task forces to study pharmacy practice issues. These task forces result in recommendations that lay out a course of action for NABP. These actions include everything from working with state and federal health organizations to updating the Model Act. Task force reports may be viewed on the Committee & Task Force Reports page.

If you would like more information about how NABP supports the boards in government affairs activities, please e-mail NABP Government Affairs staff at governmentaffairs@nabp.net.